Competitive power

Superior quality products, solid technical support and outstanding service make Focusun the perfectly reliable supplier in ice making industry.

Advanced philosophy

DMAIC has been a mature philosophy for design and management since the mid-1990s. Gradually it has become the standard for companies to perfect their effective and competent managements.

Focusun embraced strategically the DMAIC management philosophy in 2003. Introduction of this novel concept of management has driven Focusun to run in a unique system of every aspect like staff training and internal communication.

DMAIC brings in sensible strategic decisions of Focusun, which makes every effort to understand and analyze the needs and requirements of its clients, exploring actively new products and bettering producing processes.

Mighty mission

Focusun aims to be the first choice of globe. For the great achievement, it has been sticking to the principle of creating markets with outstanding quality, and of establishing brand with great integrity.

Focusun strengthens creative design and strict quality supervision to provide high performance ice machines to meet growing market demands. It pays close attention to clients' needs and provides global service & technical support in time. It views the staffs as the most valuable resources and inspires their growth by themselves.

As a world-renowned brand, Focusun brings not only superior quality products, first-class client services, but also the idea of pursuing excellence to the Chinese market, contributing to its booming with a series of unique innovative solutions.

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