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As the leading manufacturer of ice machine in China, Focusun™ has been dedicating itself into researching and developing latest applied refrigeration technology.

Focusun™ is specialized in designing and manufacturing ice making...
Prime Products - Ice Machine
Tube ice machine
Focusun is proud of inventing the first tube ice machine in the world; Over 80 years' manufacturing
experience strengthen our strong ice making technology.
Block ice machine
Focusun owns both direct refrigeration technology and brine refrigeration technology for your different needs
of ice blocks; the standard size of block ice Focusun produces are listed in...
Flake ice machine
The flake ice can be directly used for stirring and mixing refrigerated materials; No acute edges and corners so
it will not damaged the surface of the cooled object; Large contact area and...
Cube ice machine
Focusun cube ice machines are widely used in hotels, restaurants, bars, fast-food shops, liquor
stores, supermarkets and cold shops, etc. ...
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