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In order to facilitate customers to sell ice, FOCUSN technology department develops ice packing machine. FOCUSUN ice packing machine can be divided into automatic ice packing machine and semi-automatic ice packing machine to meet customers’ requirements completely.

Automatic ice packing machine mostly used in packing tube ice and cube ice. It connects full functions of delivery, weighing, packing, filling, sealing, printing, punching (optional), counting etc. The packing is fast and the maximum packing capacity is up to 3-5 ton per hour which greatly improved working efficiency. This machine is definitely your first choice if you need sell ice in large quantity!

System equipment:
PLC:Siemens (Germany)
Servo motor: Panasonic (Japan)
Touch screen: OMRON (Japan)
Cylinder: SMC (Japan)
Valve: SMC (Japan)

Automatic ice packing machine features:
- Global leading anti water sealing technology, unique constant temperature heating process can make the ice bag with water seamless rapid prototyping;
- Funnel type buffer ice bonding technology can realize the zero damage when ice falls to the packing machine;
- The conveyer belt made of PCV and stainless steel 304 can effectively prevent pollution, keep the packing bag clean, and the transportation length can be adjusted according to need;
- PLC automatic control system, easy to operate, lightweight design;
- The use of high-quality stainless steel 304, the body is simple and beautiful, the process of ice packing is in line with food hygiene requirements;
- Servo motors and multiple hoppers ensure high measurement accuracy;
- The whole set of control system adopts the world famous electrical components such as SIEMENS and Panasonic;
- The horizontal seal and vertical seal adopt pneumatic design to keep the machine running stably
- The support platform is equipped with lift and guardrail, strong and safe, and can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel;
- We provide two different models, FIP-01A-I meets the maximum packaging capacity of 3 tons per hour, bag weight range of 200 grams to 5 kg; FIP-01A-II to meet the maximum packaging capacity of 5 tons per hour, bag weight range of 5 kg to 20 kg.

FOCUSUN automatic ice packing technical parameter:
Mode Average packing capacity Outline size
(length*width*height mm)
Packing range Average packing speed power
FIP-01A-I 3000Kg/hr 3500*2005*5400 200g~5Kg 6~10bags/min 6kw
FIP-01A-II 5000Kg/hr 2100*1000*2600 5Kg~20Kg 5~8bags/min 3.8kw

Remark : The user shall choose according to the weight of the ice in the bag. The packaging capacity of ice packs will affect the packaging speed and the daily ice content of the packaging machines.

Voltage: 380V 6KW

Quantity precision: ±3 g(500 g),±10 g(5 kg)

Packing materials: Composite membrane or single membrane

Bag type: pillow bag

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