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Plate ice introduction: Plate ice is a kind of irregular sheet ice with about 40×40mm~80×80mm in size, and 10 mm~15mm in thickness. The thickness can be adjusted according to ice-making time with the maximum gauge being 25mm. Plate ice is a kind of thick and transparent ice which has good air permeability and a long shelf life.

Application fields: Plate ice is usually used for ice storage systems and is also applied to concrete mixing plants, chemical plants, mines, fresh vegetables, fishing and aquatic insulations.

Ice making principle:
01:Cold water tank
02:Cold water sprinkler
03:Warm water sprinkler
04:Refrigerant outlet
05:Refrigerant inlet
06:Water return
07:Refrigerant runner
08:Double stainless steel plate evaporator
09:Water sink
10:Warm water tank
11:Water inlet
12:Cold water pump     13:Reducer     14:Warm water pump     15:Ice crushing gadget          16:Ice outlet

Ice making process introduction:
When the refrigeration system begins operating normally, the water in the tank below is transported from the cold water tank to the cold water sprinkler by the cold water pump. It is then evenly sprinkled on the surface of the evaporator. Through the cycle working of the refrigerant, some water is created into plate ice, while the water which does not become ice returns to the cold water tank below and waits for the next water cycle. After a period of time the water cycle and refrigeration stops and the water and overheating refrigerants gas begin a heat exchange with the plate ice at the same time. The plate ice then loses adhesive force and the ice drops into the ice crushing gadget due to gravity. After the ice is off the water temperature becomes low and it returns into the water sink waiting the next cycle.

Plate ice machine features:
  • By using water and heat Fluorine, the whole ice off process only needs 120 seconds.
  • Ice making time adopts time control, which can be set to adjust the thickness of the ice.
  • It conforms to the sanitary security requirements by adopting stainless steel SUS304, aluminum alloy plate chip evaporator.
  • Ice dump and water drainage function makes ice more clean and transparent.
  • It is convenient to install and maintain because of its modular equipment.
Focusun Plate ice machine:
Small plate ice machine
Small capacity plate ice machine
Large plate ice machine
Large capacity plate ice machine

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