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Flake ice: Irregular ice flakes with size about 40×40mm and thickness around 1.5-2.5mm.

Features: The thin ice can be directly used for stirring and mixing refrigerated materials;
No acute edges and corners so it will not damage the surface of the cooled object;
Large contact area and fast cooling speed;
Easy to crush and mold.

Application fields: Concrete mixing plants, chemical plants, mine cooling, skiing ground, medicine, aquatic food and so on.

Ice making principle
02:Refrigerant runner
03:Water inlet
05:Ice skate
06:Water sprinkling pan
07:Principle axis
08:Water sprinkler
09:Water return pipe
10:Ice freezing surface
11:Insulation layer
12:Ice outlet
13:Low water pan
14:Stainless steel wrapper sheet

As shown, ice skate, water sprinkling pan, principle axis and low water pan are driven by decelerator and run slowly counterclockwise. The water flows into the water distributive pan from the water inlet of evaporator, and then sprinkles over on the ice freezing surface evenly through water sprinkler, becoming a water film. The water film has a heat exchange with the refrigerant in the refrigerant runner and its temperature quickly decreases till forming of a layer of thin ice on ice freezing surface. Under the extrusion of ice skate, the thin ice layer turns into ice flake and then falls into ice storage bin from the ice outlet. The partial unfrozen water then returns to the cold water tank through water receiving plate from water return outlet.

Equipment features
  • Internally-scraping ice skate can help reduce energy consumption and prevent leakage of refrigerant
  • Stainless steel materials, advanced processing equipment and heat treatment ensure the best heat transfer efficiency
  • The design of the large water receiving plate can prevent water leaking at the bottom of drum.
  • Photoelectric switch is directly installed in the bottom of evaporator
  • Direct liquid feeding and dry evaporation —— simple, safe and reliable control.
  • Integrated modular equipment installation is convenient for maintenance.
Focusun Flake ice machine
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Small capacity flake ice machine
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Medium capacity flake ice machine
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Large capacity flake ice machine
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Sea water flake ice machine on ships
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