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There are many methods of producing ice and the selection of the most suitable plant for a prospective buyer is not simple. The plant types are usually referred to by the type of ice they produce; common examples being tube, block, flake and plate, etc.

In the selection of an ice plant, many considerations need to be made relating to costs, maintenance, availability of skilled servicing, water supply and the preferred type of ice. The selection of plant needs to be made with the knowledge of local conditions and requirements. Manufacturers will meet a customer’s requirement from a given range of equipment and can customize specification to suit a particular market or to meet competition. In the selection of equipment it is essential to consider the total costs of production; both running and capital. It is possible that a plant of low cost could have high running costs resulting in higher long term costs. Consequently it is essential to fully understand a manufacturers’ specification and exclusions.

It is usual at the appraisal stage of an investment to prepare a technical/economic analysis based on estimated capital and running costs. The analysis should help not only in financial planning and pricing but also in selection of plant as the relative local costs of electricity, water, finance and labour. These factors will influence the design specification.

To assist the supplier or refrigeration contractor in selection and design, the buyer should make available as much information as possible regarding local costs, site conditions, etc. The following lists more important considerations:

  • Daily production capacity desired under local ambient conditions
  • Ice storage capacity desired (where will the ice be stored after produced)
  • Purpose for which ice is to be used and sales channels.
  • Preferred type of ice, and in the case of block, the block size
  • Maximum ambient temperature, humidity and annual fluctuations
  • Local labor cost, availability and skills.
  • Temperature, pressure and purity of the water which will be used.
  • Cost of water (river and underground water can be used if ice is not for eating purpose)
  • Temperature, pressure and type of Cooling way
  • Cost of cooling water
  • Information on electricity supply: voltage, cycles, phase, maximum installed power, maximum starting current allowable. Cost of electricity/unit and details of any reduced rate for off-peak use.
  • Detail of any physical or planning restrictions of the intended site
  • Detail of site soil tests
  • Particulars of grant aid, or soft loans (if any) toward capital or running costs of plant and conditions attached to aid
  • Cost of capital (interest)

From the information provided selection of plant can be made, which will satisfy any site restrictions and produce ice at a minimum cost.

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