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FOCUSUN ice compactor is a kind of ice forming equipment specially designed for tube ice machine and flake ice machine. The characteristic of the ice compactor is to meet the various demands of customers, and the ice can be quickly obtained by simply placing the ice into the ice compactor. Through this equipment, ice can be made into ice blocks of 10Kg, 15Kg, 20Kg, 25Kg and 50Kg per block.

In order to save labor and improve working efficiency, users need to consider how the tube ice enters the feed mechanism of the ice compactor.

The above considerations are necessary if you already have other ice machines so as to require additional FOCUSUN ice compactor. If you want to buy both FOCUSUN ice machine and ice compactor at the same time, our engineers will give you the best ice making, ice delivery and ice compression solutions. For more information on ice compactor, please contact our technology & research department: kiki.feng@focusun.com.

Ice compactor features:
- Modular design, easy to operate , quick and safe;
- All stainless steel body 304, in line with food grade standards;
- The machine is small and exquisite, the style is novel and beautiful;
- High quality hydraulic cylinder, one hundred and fifty thousand times working without trouble
- The ice is automatically moved after pressing ice, and the speed of pressing ice is fast.

Guide for type selection of ice compactor:
- Variety of ice before being compacted, such as flake ice, tube ice or cube ice
- The shape, size and weight of pressed ice blocks
- The amount of ice needed per day

FOCUSUN ice compactor technical parameter:
Mode Capacity Block ice weight power Machine weight Size(length*width*height mm)
FCP-03K 3T/hr 25Kg 3.7kw 800Kgs 1800*1800*2800
FCP-05K 5T/hr 50Kg 5.3kw 1,000Kgs 2200*2200*2800
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