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Brine system transparent block ice machine

The ice making principle of brine system transparent block ice machine is to put the ice bucket full of water into brine tank. With professional refrigeration technology, the water has heat exchange with brine water and the frozen into ice . The ice bucket will be hoisted by crane and heated in the thawing tank. The ice surface is melt so as to remove ice block.

According to the size of ice, ambient temperature, the temperature of inlet water, the ice making time of brine system transparent block ice machine is about 60~96 hours.

FOCUSUN engineers suggest to adopt transparent ice using brine technology with thickness more than 20 centimeters

Brine system transparent block ice machine

Batch production: 1~100 ton

Power supply: international standard full electric power supply.

Ambient temperature: 5℃

Water supply temperature: 20℃ (require clean water or increase water filter and soft water treatment equipment)

Limit condition: environment: 5℃~40℃, water supply: 5℃~30℃ (variable range)

Refrigerant: R22、R404A、R507A、R717

Cooling way: water cooling、air cooling、evaporative cooling

Compressor: Bitzer/Bock/Carlyle/Mycom/Grasso or customer specified

- Special processing evaporator, outstanding heat exchange efficiency, the real anti-rust, anti-corrosion guarantees long service time.
- The stainless PE parts between the brine and the fresh water is proper to mode and weld. And it works very well in a cold condition.
- The particular design of ice thawing tank and ice dumping unit bring easier operation.
- The thawing tank is heated by hot gas discharged from the compressor so that it is more energy saving and suitable for low water temperature area.
- Modular and integrated design ensures it is easy to ship, move and install on the spot.
- Leading and experienced transparent ice forming technology, easy to operate and durable.

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