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Thanks to the technology of three-dimensional parametric computer-aided design, Focusun is able to provide clients with cold rooms in any size and materials.

In addition, the latest PU foam generator enables us to make the most reliable insulation layer from 80mm to 120mm thick. The standard thickness of PU layer is 97mm.

We also offer multiple options for materials used for the outer and the inner wall. High-quality SUS304 and the aluminum are totally compliant with the food safety standards. In the alternative, we have galvanized steel panel from the most quality supplier to fulfill your needs in the most economical way.

Applications: Focusun cold rooms are widely used in biological, industrial, military, food, aquatic products, flowers, animal husbandry, medicine, logistics, hotels, restaurants, food processing and other industrial preservation and refrigeration area.

In terms of price, performance, and quality, Focusun cold rooms have good comparability which can meet the different needs of domestic and foreign customers.

  1. Cold storage is assembled in the room. The compressors are imported from the Europe and the United States with the over-round protection of overheating, overload, lack of phase, high and low pressure and other security problems. The whole performance is good with low noise and high reliability. All machines have been injected into the refrigerant and lubricants before shipping in order to reduce the installation time and cost.
  2. Internationally renowned brands accessories ensure long working life and cold room quality.
  3. Equipped with a fully automatic computer high-precision digital temperature controller, Focusun cold room has the functions of Chinese and English human operation panel, direct input, accurate temperature control and automatic defrosting. It’s easy to check the compressors, refrigeration system and fault status at a glance. The users can operate the machine automatically which ensures high working efficiency.
  4. All cold rooms are equipped with waterproof lighting and cold room doors have a safe unlock control, door plastic hotline and double anti cold releasing tapes at the end of the door.
  5. The user can set the required temperature themselves. The using effect is obvious by saving up to 30% of electricity. Don’t worry about quality problems. We help you solve all problems encountered at any time.
  6. For remote users, they can install cold rooms themselves only with our assembly steps drawings and power supply on site.
  7. Suitable for refrigerating following products: fruits, vegetables, food, meat, fish, milk, alcohol, flowers, drugs, tea, seeds and so on.

Focusun cold storage is divided into four categories: fresh cold storage, refrigeration cold storage, frozen cold storage and non-standard cold storage.


Inside temperature


Fresh cold storage


Fresh vegetables, flowers, dairy products, alcohol, chocolate, fresh eggs, fresh meat, medicine, tea, and seed.

Refrigeration cold storage


Frozen fish, frozen meat, frozen poultry, frozen eggs and so on.

Frozen cold storage


Fresh fish, fresh meat, rice products, ice cream, blood products, chemical raw materials and other low-temperature storage materials.

Non-standard cold storage


Electronic metallurgy, biopharmaceutical, chemical, automotive building materials, aerospace and other industrial refrigeration, all kinds of ultra-low temperature cold test.

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