Prime Products - Focusun Ice Machine
Large plate ice machine
Standard power supply for large capacity plate ice machine is 380V/3P/50Hz and it can be customizedLarge capacity plate ice machine
 Ice Machine - Cube ice machine
Cube ice machine
With leading ice making technology, Focusun cube ice machines produce crystal, transparent, sanitary and healthy cube ice.Cube ice machine
 Refrigeration System - Water chiller
Water chiller
The strict temperature control requirement in modern industrial production process has been expectedWater chiller
 Refrigeration System - Concrete cooling system
Flake ice making system
From the cold water tank the water is delivered partly directly to the scale of the batchingFlake ice making system
Plate ice making system
Plate ice is a kind of irregular sheet ice with about 40×40mm~80×80mm in size, and 10 mm~15mm in thickness.Plate ice making system
Chilling water system
Our latest containerized chillers are specially designed for cooling the mixing water for batchingChilling water system
Automatic ice storage system
As important as the production is the appropriate storage of the flake ice produced. FocusunAutomatic ice storage system
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