Prime Products - Focusun Ice Machine
Ice delivery system
This system is ideal for transporting ice over longer distances or for multi-icing stations.Ice delivery system
Ice weighing system
The spiral ice weigher can deliver the weighed ice to gas delivery system directly and the scope of weighing ranges from 200kgs to 3,000kgsIce weighing system
 Cooling System - Dynamic ice storage system
Dynamic ice storage system
Focusun dynamic ice storage system is widely used in many fields and industries such as air-conditionDynamic ice storage system
 Ice Machine - Ice storage bin
Ice storage bin
Focusun ice storage bin is the accessory of Focusun ice machines, been widely applied in short-term ice storing.Ice storage bin
 Ice Machine - Ice storage
Common type ice storage room
Focusun Common-Type ice storage is ideal for your temporary (E.g.1-3Days) ice storage needs in both commercial and industrial application.Common type ice storage room
Refrigerated type ice storage room
Focusun refrigeration Corp. can also provide the ice storage room with refrigeration system. This type of ice storage room can extend the shelf life of your ice for even larger period such like 15days.Refrigerated type ice storage room
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